October 2015 Eclectic

3 stunning models, for my favourite boutique shop in Jersey, Eclectic.

Here are some of the pics..

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Summer Eclectic Shoot… this time in group

So, Eclectic and I went out once again, with a group of models, and managed to avoid the rain that day… just about…. to a glorious sunshine… which was lucky….

A fab morning, once again with my favourite client…



Pearl Poetry and Eclectic together for our December Shoot

This time, Pearl Poetry asked me to help out with some photos displaying their beautiful Pearls.
Eclectic did the make up and dresses.
Once again, the girls looked amazing.

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Work for the week end

Creative work for the week end 😉 it will look better than this image taken on my phone hopefully 😉

Filming this evening, import over night, edit tomorrow… Yeah!!!


Shooting Steve Smith in Bohemia

I was lucky to have the opportunity to “sneak” into Bohemia‘s Kitchen, to take a couple of snaps of Steve Smith, the Michelin Star Chef, who in the winter took over the kitchen of our amazing local Michelin Star Restaurant Bohemia.

The idea was to shoot Steve, in his working environment, without getting in the way of their service.
I also wanted to shoot the chef’s table, in a different perspective, perhaps a couple of dishes, but mainly, whilst invisible, getting close to this amazing chef in action, to show the attention to details he puts into his spectacular dishes…

My images can’t possibly reflect the amount of details and perfection that goes into each dishes, but here are a few pics, that I wanted to share…

You can of course read more about Steve Smith and Bohemia by going to their website or follow their facebook page.

I am hungry now!

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Big Maggys by night

I may have mentioned “Big Maggys” in a different post. These guys run a bike shop, with a brilliant concept, idea, in the town of St Helier, Jersey, a service that doesn’t exist elsewhere on our island.
But they are also friends we ride MTB with, and meet for coffees….

I happened to be nearby that evening, with my tripod, so I planted it outside their shop, and clicked away.

I am hoping that they will find some of the shots useful one day.

Debbie and Peter wedding…

Wedding is not something I do..

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the moment, the meaning of it etc, but in my opinion, a wedding should be shot by someone who is a trained professional.

There are many guys out there calling themselves wedding photographers, who have nothing but a digital camera to call themselves this. I find this to be wrong, as they could potentially ruin the one off chance to document such a magical day.
Friends have trained to be wedding pros, I respect that and I leave this type of photography to them.

However, Debbie would not have that, and eventually convinced me to do theirs.

I can only hope that I captured what they were hoping for.
I certainly enjoyed it, and went really well I though…

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