Rozel harbour on a beautiful morning


Rozel is a small village, harbour, at the north of the Island of Jersey.

I have always wanted to shoot this place, just because it’s such a pretty place…
The tricky thing for me is to to get the right conditions.
The light needs to be right, I wanted a certain sky, and more importantly wanted to be at a certain level along the beach.

This time,the tide was just right and after a couple of tries of going up there for 5am, the sky was finally playing ball with me.

I find what I came home with to be unique, and I am happy with it.

The fun part of this day was that I was looking after a four legged friend, who was great at looking after himself until he decided that falling in one of the pools full of water would entertain me.

It did….

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Archirondel, jersey beach

This beautiful spot in Jersey gets first light in the morning… Facing the east of the island, it is the spot for catching a sun rise…
I have been to this beach a few times but always failed to grab anything nice…

This morning, with the help of multiple exposures, and some nice light, I managed to keep some details, whilst keeping the sun in the frame.
It is not the shot that I had in mind but I think that it works.