Trip to Mauritius

I had to go back to Mauritius recently and whilst there, and literally between the hotel and the office, took a few snaps, as you do…

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A couple of pics from the National History Museum

On a recent trip to London, we visited the National History Museum in London, and it was amazing… Highly recommended for the children, with lots to do and see…

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A little trip to La Rochelle, France, with my favourite people in this world

My girls and I went to spend a week near La Rochelle, France.

we were welcomed with sunshine, and a lovely accommodation. Unfortunately the sun decided not to stick around very long and we ended up looking at rain pretty much every day after that…

still got a few snaps on the way obviously…

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La Palmyre Zoo near La Rochelle

During a recent holiday in France, where all was geared up for a lovely outdoor week with my girls, the weather turned bad on us for pretty much the whole week….

So we had to entertain the little one and ourselves…

I am not into Zoos, nor am I into wildlife photography, but that place is amazing…. the animals looked amazing and their environment really well kept… I highly recommend it if you are in the region…


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La Plagne 2017

Dan and I went out to La Plagne this year, and we had a BLAST! Having said that, we went to ride, with our good friend Nuts, and didn’t miss a minute…

I didn’t shoot much for that reason. the camera came out the one day, and only that.. 🙁

Priority was my skiing…

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Disneyland Paris

So we took our baby girl to Disneyland, and I must admit, we had a blast… Only stayed the day, but we will go back without doubt, maybe for a couple of days… bad weather, but none the less, great place…

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Trip to Bermuda

I had to go to Bermuda for work, and whilst I had no time to myself what so ever, the last day, whilst waiting for my last taxi to the office, I ran to the beach from the office to take 3 pics. The panoramic was from a restaurant I was kindly taken to on my last day..

Seems like a beautiful place.

I would like to go back with an extra couple of days to visit the island more, that’s for sure..

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