Shooting Steve Smith in Bohemia

I was lucky to have the opportunity to “sneak” into Bohemia‘s Kitchen, to take a couple of snaps of Steve Smith, the Michelin Star Chef, who in the winter took over the kitchen of our amazing local Michelin Star Restaurant Bohemia.

The idea was to shoot Steve, in his working environment, without getting in the way of their service.
I also wanted to shoot the chef’s table, in a different perspective, perhaps a couple of dishes, but mainly, whilst invisible, getting close to this amazing chef in action, to show the attention to details he puts into his spectacular dishes…

My images can’t possibly reflect the amount of details and perfection that goes into each dishes, but here are a few pics, that I wanted to share…

You can of course read more about Steve Smith and Bohemia by going to their website or follow their facebook page.

I am hungry now!

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