St Clement coastline by night

I have lived in St Clement with my newly wife for about 2 years.
I fail in love with the place very quickly, but a problem about the coast around there is that just like most land marks in Jersey, it is shot left right and center…
That night, I went out to take something different.

I walked along the beach, to a particular point, and I let the tide surround me as the light disappeared.
I was then stock on top of a rock for four hours, in pitch black, taking photos of blackness, without seeing what was around me, hearing the sound of the sea clapping on the rock keeping me dry…
It was a little …. Scary….

Thanks to long exposure, trial and errors, I finally got it right, and thanks to a few exposures, this is the result.

I hope you like it… It is one of the shots hanging in my own home.

Jersey Harbour by night

I have always been interested by Jersey harbour. The industrial look, combined with its easy access, can be so peaceful at night, but yet so nice to look at.

It is not something I have ever seen photographed in Jersey, or at least not at night… So I went out on a freezing night, and gave it a try.

I really like the feel of the result, the colours, and peace of this place.

Big Maggys by night

I may have mentioned “Big Maggys” in a different post. These guys run a bike shop, with a brilliant concept, idea, in the town of St Helier, Jersey, a service that doesn’t exist elsewhere on our island.
But they are also friends we ride MTB with, and meet for coffees….

I happened to be nearby that evening, with my tripod, so I planted it outside their shop, and clicked away.

I am hoping that they will find some of the shots useful one day.

Beauport at night

Beauport beach, is my favourite beach in Jersey. It’s private, small, beautiful. But I rarely go there for some reason.

Always trying to bag something different, I thought that perhaps I should try some long exposure at night and see what came up…
It turns out that night, that I was driving around wondering what I could shoot, when I thought of this beach.

I spent 3 hours on the beach in complete darkness, testing shots, and trying to nail a descent composition, which is hard when you can’t see through the viewfinder…

Eventually, I got it, and the light from St Brelade gave me this light pink colour, and the long exposure gave me this surreal, magical feel….
Very little tweaks were made to this photo…

I hope you like it as much as I do..

New York


New York was for Becky and I one of the most important holiday we have been to, as we got engaged a few days before the trip, which obviously meant so much to us.

It was my first time in this city, and we both love it.

It is also hard to only share a few pics from the trip as we came back with so many..

But here is a little taster…

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Work asked me go on a conference in Berlin, which was brilliant as it is not the destination I would necessarily pick for a holiday…
Berlin is really interesting in so many ways… It is full of history, and fascinating.

I trekked one night all over the city with my camera bag in my back, to the point of not being able to walk any longer…
The conference was hard work, but do glad I visited this city.

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Elizabeth castle on a still evening

I shot this an evening when the water is just night enough to allow me to walk around the beach pool wall and create that effect…