2018-04 Eclectic

Well it has been a while since I have posted on my site.

A little catch-up is necessary, despite not taking many non-family photographs…

Here is a little shoot from April, for our local beautiful shop Eclectic

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2015 Jersey Island Games, Beach Volleyball

Just had time to take a few pics from this last Sunday, at the Beach Volleyball, for the 2015 Nattiest Island Games over here in Jersey.

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Beautiful Eclectic October

Another shoot with Kenya.

We were outside yet again, the last 15 minutes of the shoot was in the rain… Oups….
The clothes looked good, make-up was fab, Kenya beautiful as always..

Looking forward to the next one…

For more info visit: http://www.eclecticladiesboutique.com/gb/

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Eclectic September Shoot

I was asked to help with the winter season stock arriving at my favourite ladies boutique here in Jersey.

See some photos that I took that day, and yes it was outdoor, making the most of the weather.

For further info, please go to their website:

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Pearl Poetry and Eclectic together for our December Shoot

This time, Pearl Poetry asked me to help out with some photos displaying their beautiful Pearls.
Eclectic did the make up and dresses.
Once again, the girls looked amazing.

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November shoot for the Eclectic girls, and their Autumn collection

WOW, the girls looked stunning…
I literally had nothing to do other than pressing the shutter…
Going through the images in post production was a pleasure…

I can’t wait to see these images on the Eclectic shop’s website…

Super nice family, and a pleasure to work with..

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Another photo shoot for Eclectic

This week, I was once again lucky to help out the super cool shop Eclectic shop in Jersey, and their beautiful girls, wearing some of their new winter collection item.

The girls were patient with me, and gosh I have so much to learn in fashion photography… So I am taking these opportunities as a chance to get better at it…

Here are a few pics…

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