A Sunday day with the girls on the beach…

Sometimes you have to wonder why driving for hours and hours to get someplace away, looking for weather, beach, beautiful landscapes and happiness…. when we have it all in Jersey… well the weather may not always be, but when it is, the rest follows….

We are very lucky to live here….

Helps that I am surrounded with the most beautiful girls..

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A little trip to La Rochelle, France, with my favourite people in this world

My girls and I went to spend a week near La Rochelle, France.

we were welcomed with sunshine, and a lovely accommodation. Unfortunately the sun decided not to stick around very long and we ended up looking at rain pretty much every day after that…

still got a few snaps on the way obviously…

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An unusual view of St Catherine breakwater in Jersey

This was shot from the hills above St Catherine with fast changing light.. Just a quick capture ¬†of it…

Also, using this as an opportunity to test the Envira Gallery upload from Lightroom, and posting process…

So far so good (although this post only contains the one image)…

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Jersey from the air!

So yes, I have a drone as you may have seen from the videos…

So here are some of the pics from the air, of Jersey.
Those won’t be as nice as my 5D taken pics, but still unusual, so here there are….

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Trip to Bermuda

I had to go to Bermuda for work, and whilst I had no time to myself what so ever, the last day, whilst waiting for my last taxi to the office, I ran to the beach from the office to take 3 pics. The panoramic was from a restaurant I was kindly taken to on my last day..

Seems like a beautiful place.

I would like to go back with an extra couple of days to visit the island more, that’s for sure..

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Mauritius trip

Work send me to Mauritius, and I managed to hand around for a week end to visit the place a little.

Whilst we went with my wife a while ago on our honeymoon, I wanted my work colleague to take me out and see the island in a different way.

Some lovely people took me out for most of the week end and here are some pics…

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Trip to Greece

So we went to Greece for our summer holiday, and we picked somewhere suitable for a pregnant wife, and a small child.

We ended up having a lovely time, eating beautiful food, stunning weather, great people, not so great hotel but hey…

All in all, just some pics from once again a memorable holiday…

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