Jersey Harbour by night

I have always been interested by Jersey harbour. The industrial look, combined with its easy access, can be so peaceful at night, but yet so nice to look at.

It is not something I have ever seen photographed in Jersey, or at least not at night… So I went out on a freezing night, and gave it a try.

I really like the feel of the result, the colours, and peace of this place.

New York


New York was for Becky and I one of the most important holiday we have been to, as we got engaged a few days before the trip, which obviously meant so much to us.

It was my first time in this city, and we both love it.

It is also hard to only share a few pics from the trip as we came back with so many..

But here is a little taster…

[envira-gallery id=”4930″]

Graffiti on a wall….

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