A Sunday day with the girls on the beach…

Sometimes you have to wonder why driving for hours and hours to get someplace away, looking for weather, beach, beautiful landscapes and happiness…. when we have it all in Jersey… well the weather may not always be, but when it is, the rest follows….

We are very lucky to live here….

Helps that I am surrounded with the most beautiful girls..

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Gandeys Circus was in town

So we took our little one to the circus for the first time and she LOVED it…

To be fair, so did we, it was really good.

Here are just a few pics that I took during the show…

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Emilie-Mai’s out for a horse ride

Emilie-Mai’s auntie kindly bought a horse ride little tour for her birthday.

These were a few snaps from our little adventure.

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#Canon, #Canon5D, #Horseride


Today’s Emilie-Mai third birthday party….

So today we have organised a party for our baby girl who is now 3 years old… She is growing so fast!!

I will be sure to post some images later, for those are from a couple of years ago, when she was having fun on her favourite thing.. Swing!

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Disneyland Paris

So we took our baby girl to Disneyland, and I must admit, we had a blast… Only stayed the day, but we will go back without doubt, maybe for a couple of days… bad weather, but none the less, great place…

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A weekend away in Les Menuires for a family gathering… with the snow…

What an amazing weekend!!! I have literally arrived back in Jersey from a fabulous weekend with 70 family members and friends of Manu and Roxanne, cousins of mine, in Les Menuires.

Involved a lot of food, drinking, laughs, little sleep, and so much fun.

The camera came out for half a day on the slopes, in AMAZING conditions considering the time of year, and here are a few snaps…

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Young pig farm

Sometimes, just by driving around, you can come across some funny stuff, and that’s the reason why one should always have a camera of some kind in reach….
In my case, I tend to carry my big camera around as much as possible, and that day, I am glad I did…

These little dudes were so funny and cute, coming back from a family lunch, we had to stop by, and click….

Very curious and friendly… I had to stop Becky from bringing one home…