2018-05 White-collar boxing

Becky and I went to watch the best White-collar boxing event in Jersey by BoxinBusiness

Although in a DJ, making it difficult to take good pics, I shot a few images, and here are some… few… lots….

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Team GB Sonny Webster doing an Olympic lifting seminar at Jersey Crossfit

We were very fortunate to have an olympic lifting seminar with Sonny Webster, Olympian a the Rio 2016 games, recently at our Crossfit box here in Jersey, Jersey Crossfit.

Here are a few pics of Sonny lifting a “little” weight for our pleasure..

It was an awesome day, and very informative.

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A night of boxing…

Well, my wife decided to join the white collar boxing as a challenge, and for charity.

10 weeks of intense training, for one fight, and me being petrified….

I had to try and take a few snaps… but it was tough… I was nervous…

Anyway, here are a few images that I took over the week end of the fight, before the weighing, during, and the fight night…

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