Autumn shoot with Eclectic

I don’t want to spoil what the lovely Jersey Boutique want to share, so I will just share these two images of Kenya, who I am still hoping will make it as a model….

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October 2015 Eclectic

3 stunning models, for my favourite boutique shop in Jersey, Eclectic.

Here are some of the pics..

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Summer Eclectic Shoot… this time in group

So, Eclectic and I went out once again, with a group of models, and managed to avoid the rain that day… just about…. to a glorious sunshine… which was lucky….

A fab morning, once again with my favourite client…



Another Eclectic Shoot for the Summer Collection

Always a pleasure to help the beautiful ladies from our Jersey Ladies Boutique Eclectic.
I realise that not using my equipment often doesn’t help though, and the toys are starting to get old. That good old 5D of mine (MK1) and this flashguns are getting tired… But thanks to the girls, when the gadgets all work at the same time, you can rely on the girls to look stunning. Including my wife of course who features once again. Very proud…

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Beautiful Eclectic October

Another shoot with Kenya.

We were outside yet again, the last 15 minutes of the shoot was in the rain… Oups….
The clothes looked good, make-up was fab, Kenya beautiful as always..

Looking forward to the next one…

For more info visit:

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Eclectic September Shoot

I was asked to help with the winter season stock arriving at my favourite ladies boutique here in Jersey.

See some photos that I took that day, and yes it was outdoor, making the most of the weather.

For further info, please go to their website:

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Eclectic March shoot

Yet another shoot with the beautiful girls from Eclectic.

Just sharing a few….



For more info, make sure to visit: Eclectic Website[envira-gallery id=”4915″]