Fun with the girls at Samares Manor with a macro lens…

A friend has kindly lent me a macro lens for a few days, and whilst out and about with the girls at Samares Manor, I took a few snaps… I forgot how much fun a macro lens was…

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A Sunday day with the girls on the beach…

Sometimes you have to wonder why driving for hours and hours to get someplace away, looking for weather, beach, beautiful landscapes and happiness…. when we have it all in Jersey… well the weather may not always be, but when it is, the rest follows….

We are very lucky to live here….

Helps that I am surrounded with the most beautiful girls..

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New addition to the family.. 3+1 =…

Emilie-Mais’s little girls was born, Poppy, on 18th March..

These are some pics out and about and both girls…

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Some pics of the girls

Well, I have slacked for some time in posting anything, to be honest.

So here are some pics of the girls, just to catch up a little…

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Me and my girls in the South of France

A few of the snaps taken in the south of France near St Tropez with my girls. Mostly of my beautiful daughter…

Trip to St Tropez

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October 2015 Eclectic

3 stunning models, for my favourite boutique shop in Jersey, Eclectic.

Here are some of the pics..

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Gill & Barry ‘s Wedding…. but not as the photographer.. just a guest

Me being me, I had to bring my camera to this wedding, a dear couple of friends who met the same night as me and Becky.

So here are some of my favourite pics from the day…

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