Gill & Barry ‘s Wedding…. but not as the photographer.. just a guest

Me being me, I had to bring my camera to this wedding, a dear couple of friends who met the same night as me and Becky.

So here are some of my favourite pics from the day…

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Justin & Anu ‘s Wedding

My brother in law got married over the week end to beautiful Anu.

The wedding was full of amazing people, and I was very fortunate to be a guest for such a wonderful day.

Here are some images…[envira-gallery id=”4914″]

Heather and Nigel’s wedding day

Stunningly happy couple, in one of the most beautiful location in Jersey…

They picked me to record there day…

Here are a couple of shots…

more coming soon…


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Vic & Spencer’s special day..

Well I have always said that I would prefer to leave weddings to the PROs, who are trained photographers, and do this for a living…
But this month is a little different as 2 friends came to me asking for a little help..

This is the first of two weddings that I am shooting this month.

I am really pleased to have taken part in this very special day, and so pleased to have captured it for this beautiful couple.

I will just put a photo of the bride up whilst I finish sorting out the rest of the bunch…

Thank you both for trusting me in this so important and special task!

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Debbie and Peter wedding…

Wedding is not something I do..

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the moment, the meaning of it etc, but in my opinion, a wedding should be shot by someone who is a trained professional.

There are many guys out there calling themselves wedding photographers, who have nothing but a digital camera to call themselves this. I find this to be wrong, as they could potentially ruin the one off chance to document such a magical day.
Friends have trained to be wedding pros, I respect that and I leave this type of photography to them.

However, Debbie would not have that, and eventually convinced me to do theirs.

I can only hope that I captured what they were hoping for.
I certainly enjoyed it, and went really well I though…

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Helping a friend shooting a wedding in France

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