2018-05 White-collar boxing

Becky and I went to watch the best White-collar boxing event in Jersey by BoxinBusiness

Although in a DJ, making it difficult to take good pics, I shot a few images, and here are some… few… lots….

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More photos can be found in Facebook there

Team GB Sonny Webster doing an Olympic lifting seminar at Jersey Crossfit

We were very fortunate to have an olympic lifting seminar with Sonny Webster, Olympian a the Rio 2016 games, recently at our Crossfit box here in Jersey, Jersey Crossfit.

Here are a few pics of Sonny lifting a “little” weight for our pleasure..

It was an awesome day, and very informative.

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La Plagne 2017

Dan and I went out to La Plagne this year, and we had a BLAST! Having said that, we went to ride, with our good friend Nuts, and didn’t miss a minute…

I didn’t shoot much for that reason. the camera came out the one day, and only that.. 🙁

Priority was my skiing…

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2015 Jersey Island Games, Beach Volleyball

Just had time to take a few pics from this last Sunday, at the Beach Volleyball, for the 2015 Nattiest Island Games over here in Jersey.

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Freeride in La plagne with Nuts, 2014

I once again got to go and free ride with my good friend Nuts, in La Plagne. He is clearly one of the best  off piste instructor, great knowledge of the resort, and a top guy.

I took the camera out for a day, to snap the people who were out with us, clients of Nuts, some of which are friends.

Great day… I miss it already…

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Beach Volleyball with the boys…

Took a few snaps of the boys playing Beach VB this week end… Conditions were perfect…
What a day…

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First race for Dan

My friend Dan went racing, road bike, for the first time…

The best in Jersey were there, and he finished 9th, out of somewhere near 60 I would guess….

The guys is very good at riding… I am hoping he will race some more…

Here are a few snaps…

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