2018-04 Eclectic

Well it has been a while since I have posted on my site.

A little catch-up is necessary, despite not taking many non-family photographs…

Here is a little shoot from April, for our local beautiful shop Eclectic

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October 2015 Eclectic

3 stunning models, for my favourite boutique shop in Jersey, Eclectic.

Here are some of the pics..

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Summer Eclectic Shoot… this time in group

So, Eclectic and I went out once again, with a group of models, and managed to avoid the rain that day… just about…. to a glorious sunshine… which was lucky….

A fab morning, once again with my favourite client…



Beautiful Eclectic October

Another shoot with Kenya.

We were outside yet again, the last 15 minutes of the shoot was in the rain… Oups….
The clothes looked good, make-up was fab, Kenya beautiful as always..

Looking forward to the next one…

For more info visit: http://www.eclecticladiesboutique.com/gb/

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Pearl Poetry and Eclectic together for our December Shoot

This time, Pearl Poetry asked me to help out with some photos displaying their beautiful Pearls.
Eclectic did the make up and dresses.
Once again, the girls looked amazing.

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Eclectic Boutique, and 3 lovely models

I helped out this week end a stunning local boutique, with great taste for clothing, but also deco, by shooting 3 gorgeous models who were wearing some of their new collection which had just arrived.

We had a fun couple of hours, despite me being really nervous, having not shot in a while…

It was about time I got behind the camera.. I love it…

Thank you girls…

A lot more photos were shot, and will be used for Eclectic’s coming website. Looking forward to seeing it!

But for now, here is their Facebook page link.

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Work for the week end

Creative work for the week end 😉 it will look better than this image taken on my phone hopefully 😉

Filming this evening, import over night, edit tomorrow… Yeah!!!