An unusual view of St Catherine breakwater in Jersey

This was shot from the hills above St Catherine with fast changing light.. Just a quick capture ¬†of it…

Also, using this as an opportunity to test the Envira Gallery upload from Lightroom, and posting process…

So far so good (although this post only contains the one image)…

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Jersey from the air!

So yes, I have a drone as you may have seen from the videos…

So here are some of the pics from the air, of Jersey.
Those won’t be as nice as my 5D taken pics, but still unusual, so here there are….

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Trip to Bermuda

I had to go to Bermuda for work, and whilst I had no time to myself what so ever, the last day, whilst waiting for my last taxi to the office, I ran to the beach from the office to take 3 pics. The panoramic was from a restaurant I was kindly taken to on my last day..

Seems like a beautiful place.

I would like to go back with an extra couple of days to visit the island more, that’s for sure..

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Jersey under the snow in March

The weather has just been really strange, by throwing at us on our little island, more snow than ever seen in 30 years…

Most shops, work places shut for the occasion, allowing the whole community to go out and snap away…

I was one of them, on a family outing and managed to bag a couple of pics.. there they are…

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Well the time has come, when Becky and I finally got married.
It was, as they say, the most beautiful day of my life.

We then went on our Honeymoon, to beautiful Mauritius, where I would obviously bring the toys, and snap away…

The gallery below shows some of my best shots..
There are a few pics of Becky, who, as you may have gathered likes to be photographed.

The landscapes near the hotel was stunning, and the island is indeed amazing…

It was a challenge to only share a few pics in a web gallery as we came home with so many images…

A trip to remember forever…

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Rozel harbour on a beautiful morning


Rozel is a small village, harbour, at the north of the Island of Jersey.

I have always wanted to shoot this place, just because it’s such a pretty place…
The tricky thing for me is to to get the right conditions.
The light needs to be right, I wanted a certain sky, and more importantly wanted to be at a certain level along the beach.

This time,the tide was just right and after a couple of tries of going up there for 5am, the sky was finally playing ball with me.

I find what I came home with to be unique, and I am happy with it.

The fun part of this day was that I was looking after a four legged friend, who was great at looking after himself until he decided that falling in one of the pools full of water would entertain me.

It did….

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St Clement coastline by night

I have lived in St Clement with my newly wife for about 2 years.
I fail in love with the place very quickly, but a problem about the coast around there is that just like most land marks in Jersey, it is shot left right and center…
That night, I went out to take something different.

I walked along the beach, to a particular point, and I let the tide surround me as the light disappeared.
I was then stock on top of a rock for four hours, in pitch black, taking photos of blackness, without seeing what was around me, hearing the sound of the sea clapping on the rock keeping me dry…
It was a little …. Scary….

Thanks to long exposure, trial and errors, I finally got it right, and thanks to a few exposures, this is the result.

I hope you like it… It is one of the shots hanging in my own home.