As you may have guessed from my name i’m french but after moving to Jersey in 1998 I now call the island my home. My 9 to 5 job is as an application developer for a local fund firm. I accidently found my passion for photography over 7 years ago when DJing in local clubs and video editing for Jersey based audio visual company Delta. After learning the basics of filming and editing I realised that to really have a true understanding of how the cameras worked was to understand photography. At first photography was going to be a means to an end but it quickly became my passion….. Photography is a big world and i’m still finding my way around it. Landscapes, portraiture and sports photography is where i’m most excited and passionate about. In 2011 I was lucky enough to photograph the Halfpipe World Cup in La Plagne. I’m often asked whether i’ll turn my passion into my living and whilst I would love to the reality isn’t quite that simple so for now i’ll stick with the day job as it does help me to keep buying new kit! I may not be a professional photographer but it certainly doesn’t stop me from being just as passionate about it, if not more. I take my camera everywhere with me and I want to share what I do and how I perceive things. With today’s media and social networking sites it couldn’t be easier. As well as keeping up to date with my website and blog you can also follow me on Facebook and twitter. I am now a very happy married guy, and also the father of a beautiful little girl. My life is complete…. Steph

Stephane Gimenez About Me